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You can be arrested for OWI for driving in your own driveway

Using some pretty extremely convoluted reasoning, the Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that a person operating a vehicle in their own driveway, can be arrested for OWI.

MI Supreme Court: Knock & Talk Was Trespass

Via Forbes: In a welcome win for private property rights, the Michigan Supreme Court unanimously ruled that law enforcement violated the Fourth Amendment by trespassing without a warrant. The decision centered on a controversial tactic known as a “knock and talk,” which involves law enforcement approaching homes in order to question the residents and win permission to search inside.

The case dates back to March 18, 2014, when Michael Frederick was jostled awake at 4 o’clock in the morning by loud, insistent knocking. Answered the door, Frederick was greeted by seven armed and vested officers from the Kent Area Narcotics Enforcement Team (KANET). KANET officers asked Frederick if he had any marijuana butter. After he consented to a search, officers found both marijuana butter and a batch of pot brownies in his home

Kwame Files Motion to Vacate Conviction

More silliness from Kwame Kilpatrick:  (From clickondetroit.com) According to a motion to vacate filed Thursday, Kilpatrick said there were “breakdowns in communication and trust” that happened “before, during and even after the trial” between him and his attorney, Jim Thomas.

According to the motion, Kilpatrick claimed that it got so bad that he tried to “physically harm” Thomas. He said at one meeting, he chased the attorney around the table and Thomas threatened to have him “thrown in jail for the rest of the trial.”


Rick Wershe Granted Parole

“White Boy Rick” Wershe finally granted parole after 30 years.

30 Years Justice or Payback for Operation Backbone?